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Screen Acting

Residential Summer Course – fully booked (waiting list available, please enquire).

A practical experience that allows the actor to achieve maximum creative expression within the technical constraints of working on camera.

26th August – 3rd September 2018 (including arrival and departure dates).

Workshop fee: 490€ (includes on-site accommodation and meals).

Camping fee: 400€ (includes the tent, tent mattress and all meals).

10% discount if you come with a friend (discount to each) or if you book more than one workshop (discount for each workshop).

Reserve your place with a 70€ deposit (non-refundable). Fill in the form to pre-book >>>

For actors, drama students, drama teachers, writers and directors.

This workshop is performance led and offers the tools and techniques that allow the actor to be fully free to play.

This ‘evolutionary’ approach to acting for the camera has been developed at the Actors Space over the last 18 years. It is life inspired and for the first time, brings into ‘play’ for screen actors the principles of dramatic and comic creation that theatre master Jacques Lecoq originally shared with us. A unique approach that continues to evolve today.



Extend your craft:

Physical listening & the senses
Script work, cold reading & analysis of text
Psychological Realism and Comic Realism
Character’s inner voice and character through action
Driving forces and the motors of play
Human passions and emotions
The Gap, expectation meets reality
Dramatic writing (what works and why?)
Rehearsing and taking direction
Working on camera



Throughout the workshop participants follow a series of specially crafted exercises that work with the body and the imagination and lead to working on set. Actors gain on camera experience, receive direction and work with new writing. An ambience of teamwork is created allowing actors to work together in a supportive and creative way. This film acting course has led many participants into professional work in the film industry.



The objectives of the course are:

  • To gain skills and techniques for acting on camera.
  • To gain experience and confidence as a screen actor.
  • To understand and recognise good writing.
  • To learn about taking direction.
  • To demystify the process of filmmaking.
  • To learn about teamwork.


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