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The Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais helps people feel more at ease with themselves, and to move and act efficiently and elegantly. Benefits include easier movement, better problem-solving, and a balanced response to the stresses of life.

People come to Feldenkrais to counteract the effects of age or the imbalance left by injury or illness. Actors, musicians, sportsmen and women, come to improve performance. Artists often find the work generates creativity and spontaneity. People working with long-term pain or stress also find the work helpful.

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Finding Space – Feldenkrais workshop

3rd-10th July 2019

Focusing on those moments when “nothing is happening”, when we are not working at things or holding intention, which is when real change takes root.

Twenty-one hours of Feldenkrais teaching, leaving plenty of time to integrate your changes while enjoying the beautiful location.                

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Accommodation on site or book your own locally.

Tuition cost: £290
Includes dinner on your first and last evenings, but not your accommodation.

This holiday workshop is designed to provide a good depth of immersion in Feldenkrais, and also high-quality integration, so that what you learn stays with you.
The place itself helps.

Mas Fontarnau is an old Catalan farmhouse surrounded by woodland, meadows and mountain paths.
There is a lovely studio for classes, and a swimming pool to cool off in.

For more information and bookings please click here  (please note that bookings are not handled by The Actors Space).






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