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Dramatic Writing

Residential Summer Course 2019

We often talk about the Creative Triangle: Writing, Directing and Acting. Theses three elements are essential for dramatic creation. But writing is at the heart of it all, content is king.

Easter or Summer 2019 (dates to be confirmed)

Who is this workshop for?

Participants that have been at The Actors Space as actors, directors, artists, writers… and want to develop their understanding about dramatic structure and put into practice their writing skills.

How it works

There are two questions we pose:

  • What do you want to say? (what is your project about)
  • Who is your project for? (who is the audience)

Candidates will send their idea, we will review it and get back with a yes/maybe, or no (this decision will depend on whether your idea is appropriate for the workshop or not). We will also look at what is it you want to achieve by the end of the workshop and will set realistic objectives with you.

The proposals can be for Theatre, Film, TV or the Web and can be Comic or Dramatic. Co-writing is also possible. We will take a maximum of 10 proposals.

With our guidance and facilitation your proposal will be dramatised. You will get to develop and write your idea into playable scenes. Throughout the 4 days your writing will be regularly worked up with the group, always respecting its essence (the thematic heart of your piece).

If you are interested in booking a place please get in touch with Marian on –


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